Our Values

Absalom Media provides web accessible, usable, business solutions for our customers and business clientele. As we have been involved in the online civil rights and digital privacy space for two decades, there are certain industries we welcome for our business. There are also certain industries we will not service on principle..

People matter to us more than predatory capitalism at any cost. As the cost is our humanity.

To that end, we do provide pro bono work to registered charities. Our business structure is to maintain one pro bono charity client at all times and we have continued and upheld this business rule since we started.

We welcome

  • Human rights advancement and protection work, including the bodily autonomy of those humans
  • Environmental and social protection, including protection of animals, solutions for climate change and solutions for food and housing scarcity
  • Education and advancement of education for vulnerable groups
  • Government accessibility and infrastructure projects providing a duty of care toward their citizens
  • Union and worker right protections projects
  • Healthcare, including the advancement of consumer data protections for health data
  • DEI projects serving displaced or vulnerable minorities
  • Unemployment, UBI and homeless services

We will not work with

  • LEO services aimed at weaponising data and technology against vulnerable people and groups
  • Defence related services, including the supply, servicing and history of weapons.
  • Gambling, payday lending, BNPL and income management services
  • Adult services for hire
  • Any project that classifies by demographic to ostracise, create prejudice or spread misinformation (e.g. medical, social) about that demographic
  • Network marketing / MLM
  • Business and dating coaching, including seminars, course subscription and event services
  • Blockchain / crypto projects aimed at staking, NFT drops, trading or speculative tokenisation
  • Platforms and people whose profit mechanism is framing "alternative / differing ideas" and achieve sales from customers who are expected to "do your own research"

Offenders who seek to circumvent our moderation and payment systems in line with the values outlined here will be banned without prejudice.