Our Process


Project payment

The project is created immediately in our project management system upon payment in our ecommerce platform, with confirmation on Stripe. It is then is assessed by the project manager to confirm it matches our terms and values. Communication is also sent to the client of project start and how collaboration will commence. This may involve co-signing a scope agreement



The team works with the client on agreed scope through design and development of the project till it reaches the milestone. It is during this phase revision functionality is enabled on the project.



By this stage the project is feature and design complete in agreement between the team and the client. Milestone payment also occurs here. Automated build, CI/CD, instance, virtualisation and production optimisations of the developed project for the client may be built and tested here.


Quality Assurance

The project is extensively tested to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the client’s requirements.



The project is delivered to the client upon final payment. Design projects are delivered via cloud. Development based projects are either packaged and delivered via cloud or deploymed to the client’s infrastructure.