Frequently asked questions

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How much do you charge?

It varies depending on the project, scope and level of detail provided. Projects local to Australia will be quoted in Australian Dollars including GST. All other projects are quoted in US Dollars and require payment in the same.

When does work start?

It starts immediately on payment. Once a deposit payment is done on one of our products, it moves immediately into our project management system and resources are allocated. The first step of a new project is to assess that it meets our terms and values. On larger projects a scope document is co signed once the project meets our terms and values.

Is a deposit required?

Absalom Media's process for delivery of service is 40% deposit on agreement of project specification, 40% on milestone delivery and 20% on sign off prior to delivery. Larger projects may have different schedules for progress payments.

Can I cancel a project once it's started?

Cancellation of a project is managed through your order history. Cancellation of a project does not require a refund of a deposit as project work starts immediately on payment and resources are already allocated.

How many revisions are available?

Changes outside of scope of the project will require a new contract of sale to be created. Changes inside the scope are generally limited to 5 instances

What kind of testing and quality assurance is done?

All design related projects provide collaborative messaging to project completion. All development work is manageed though CI/CD and build testing to deployment.

Do you provide any training?

Documentation on site builds are supplied to the client upon final payment. Absalom Media provides training on the use of the site and the use of the site's tools.

Do you provide hosting?

We provide site hosting for our clients as part of project scope. We do not offer hosting independently of project scope.

Do you provide domain management?

We can manage domains for our clients as part of project scope. We do not offer domain management independently of project scope.

Do you provide SEO services & social marketing?

We aim to deliver on page SEO solutions as part of development work we deliver. We do not provide off page SEO or social or influencer marketing

How is copyright handled?

Absalom Media will retain copyright on all works in all instances, unless a specific work for hire payment is made.

Do you encode your software?

The project work for all media is provided in an open format

Do you offer a monthly retainer for services?

We offer retainers for existing customers in good standing