Open source innovation

Rethinking the path

Lawrence Meckan

Absalom Media

In a galaxy far, far away..

To understand the future, you have to understand the past.

So what does this all mean?

Reality redux

The state of open source is dependent on the primary resource it has. That resource is people, not attention or focus. Why ?

The open source "smoothie" approach

In order to create a successful open source project you need:

Open source: benevolence

What is benevolence?

disposition to do good act of kindness.. a generous gift

Benevolent dictactors inside Open Source have key outcomes:

Open source: dictatorship

Most, if not all, OS projects retain a small core locus of control. Most people feel unsafe losing that control.

Open source: The dissenter

We can learn from Galileo's experience inside the OS movement.

Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition, 1857 painting by Cristiano Banti.

Open source: leadership

To be a leader, like Galileo, requires both vision (risk or dissent) and direction (control)

Open source: listening

A challenge to all hard core developers: Listen

Open source: conflict

Conflict will happen in any relationship. Any amount of change will raise concerns.

Open source: mediation

The mediation process should be as follows:

Open source: governance

Each project requires some rules and ideals for governance.

Open source: the wheel

So why do the same problems keep appearing?

Open source: the wheel turns

What factors play a part ?

These factors are also seen inside fundamentalism. So where does this lead us?

Open source: evangelism

Being an advocate requires:

Open source innovation

Recognising all these areas, innovation covers:

Open source: Predictions

So where to from here?

Open source: References

Material used as the groundwork:

Open source: Questions?

Thank you

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