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Mambo Module Management

Lawrence Meckan

Mambo Modules

This tutorial covers using Mambo 4.5.3:

Modules: Site Module

Mambo has both site and administration modules
Site Modules

Modules: Selection

Select the relevant module you want to copy
Select the module

Modules: Copying

Select the Copy button
Select the copy button

Modules: Configure

Once the module has been copied, you can configure the copied version to suit: Module Copied

Modules: Suffixes

To manage a suffix class
  1. Select Edit
  2. The Edit page for the module should come up
  3. Find "Module Class Suffix"
  4. Add in your suffix class (e.g "-front1") to the text box next to Module Class Suffix
  5. Save.
  6. Go to your CSS file. Add in the following CSS calls:

  7. Style to suit.