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The Mambo Foundation and 3PDs

Lawrence Meckan

The Mambo Foundation

This document covers:

Foundation: Organisation

Here is an approximate organisational chart, based on discussions with Peter Lamont:
Organisational chart

Foundation: Concerns

Peter Lamont has stated this regarding my previous two years work within the Mambo community:
The foundation would like to build a community of people who are concerned about Mambo, yet you are only concerned about the foundation - that's the problem you face.

Considering I have delivered templates, tutorials, extensions and numerous other ways of supporting Mambo users, the apparent risk is that the Board will treat all third party developers this way if they choose to disagree with the Board in any way.

This means the new Core team, 3PD, QA, Advocacy, and Moderation teams are all at risk of being accused of the same thing as what I quote above when they chose to disagree with the Board's direction. When people develop for an open source environment, they are not cattle. They are part of the bazaar.

Foundation: Questions

The following questions the Foundation has not answered: