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Published on Monday, 05 February 2007
Absalom Media offers a unique, boutique solution for clients looking for web and content management support.

Mac support As we pride ourselves on developing, designing and maintaining the best quality web applications, we also are proud to announce that we deliver dedicated support. There remain a limited number of these specialist support contracts available, starting at a bargain basement price of $150 USD per month. After all, other larger support companies dedicated to Joomla! support charge $75 USD per callout, minimum.

With packages starting at $150 USD per month, you can have peace of mind in regards to:
  • Upgrades to your CMS, whenever there is a security update
  • .htaccess and other forms of Apache / Cpanel tuning
  • Third party upgrades, such as plugins on your CMS
  • Making sure your customised design and code is maintained to the latest version
If you're running a fork for a content management system, such as the a8e / Accessible fork for Joomla! or the eCommerce edition of Mambo, we can support these products as well.

In order to provide the best level of customer support through these boutique contracts, we require:
  • Responsible disclosure concerning your server, content management system, extra plugins and components, CPanel/Plesk setup and any other information relevant to the design and maintenance of your site.
  • Prompt payment on your support subscription. We do invoke late fees for payment in order to maintain the prestige and quality standards for this support product.
To better manage this process, we ask that you create an account with us, to help payment and management of your support options.
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