Published on Monday, 27 October 2003

Simeon?is a solo artist who has been playing around Melbourne for the past couple of years. He has played at pubs and hotels, youth events, churches, universities and nightclubs. Thus, his experience is broad. In these places he has performed in acoustic duo form, with a band and sometimes solo. Due to his background interest in drama, he confidently enjoys live entertaining, whether he is playing to an audience of 20 or 5000.

Simeon plays a minimum of twice a week in acoustic duo format in Melbourne restaurants/bars. Concerts and performances, specifically promoting original material, are held across the country from time to time.

This site, while not released publically, demonstrated the power of a dynamic web presence for this major entertainment artist.

Simeon image 1

Simeon is now proudly hosted by Absalom Media through his new site,

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