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Maurice Manktelow

Published on Wednesday, 27 October 2004

Dr Manktelow contracted Absalom Media for development and design customisation in Mambo for the revision and update of an existing web prescence.

"I recently decided to develop our website using the Mambo Server. Since time was in very short supply I searched for a standard template to use with Mambo. I liked the standard template supplied by Absalom Media which clearly would meet our requirements. But it needed some small changes.

I was highly delighted with the friendly, patient?and personal service I received from Lawrence Meckan. Since we are on opposite sides of the world the time differences actually speeded up the elapsed development time as we were able to work on ideas etc when the other person was resting.

Lawrence quickly appreciated our needs and?produced attractive,?good solutions.

Based upon my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence's technical, artistic and customer support skills.

This is one highly delighted customer.

Thank you Lawrence."

Dr Maurice Manktelow


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