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Joomla! Melbourne User Group

Published on Tuesday, 24 April 2007
The Joomla! Melbourne User Group, otherwise known as Joomla!MUG, is a community development project to help evangelise and support the Joomla content management system across Melbourne.

This project was done as a support resource for the Joomla! Day in Melbourne, in early 2007, and has been readily gaining members and support across the wider Joomla! community

The technological deployment of this site allows:
  • social media networking
  • microformat syndication and crosslinking for better SEO
  • microformat (and soon RSS) syndication of Melbourne events
  • convergence across four specific Joomla! related applications to talk and share data between each other
All this customised development and design work was carried out by Absalom Media. If you are looking to develop a social media or community site, give us a call.
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