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Published on Thursday, 29 September 2005
User centered design is simple. Either you are supplying stuff (usually a product) or want to find other stuff (searching, link relations), because at the end of the day, people want to achieve whatever goal they want on the web.

Dealing with complex organisational structures doesn't help as a business' general register of departments and divisions doesn't effectively communicate what people are trying to find. The business structures can and usually will limit the way information is communicated, both in an offline and an online environment.

So what does that mean ? I recommend people research their clients and the end users of the web experience because at the end of the day, if it isn't usable, irrespective of how much design has gone into it, it won't help people find the stuff they're looking for.
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“A good concept is the fruit of an analytical, as well as intuitive, process.”


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