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Published on Wednesday, 28 September 2005

After a quick and painless registration, now it's time to see what meaningful goods are included for this conference. The conference program includes the 30 day trial of Style Master and a complete copy of the WestCiv CSS Guide.

Also inside the goods bag is a copy of the Sitepoint Firefox Secrets guide, and a sampler of other Sitepoint books. I'd use the Firefox Secrets guide than what was included in the sampler.

Now, looking through the conference guide, its a fairly simple choice as to what stream I'll be doing. Tomorrow I'll be seeing Roger Hudson explain accessible forms, something severely lacking from Mambo, although now better implemented in Joomla!. After Roger, I'll be seeing Dean Jackson explain the power and passion of SVG. On Friday, Ajax with Tim Lucas looks to be the best of the morning stream. Russ Weakley explaining liquid layouts in the afternoon also looks promising.

More news as it comes..

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