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Best practices for publishing

Published on Saturday, 15 September 2007
To help develop professional artwork and press collateral for clientele, you need to understand  the development of independent publishing in general. The online space is driven primarily by open source, open standard principles in order to build networks.

These networks are not new. This process has been around since Gutenberg. In fact the online space has developed primarily out of publishing independently for clients. The concept of a zinester for marketing, design and artwork is the key area to develop any brand.
  • Gutenberg to early 50s: Letterpress, aimed at political works
  • 50's: Mimester and psychedelic colours
  • 70s: Silk screening and the punk remix of pop culture
  • 80s: Personal Computer, the rise of Apple
  • 90s: Printed collateral about print zines
Independent publishing exposes the network between people, whether it is in print collateral delivered or whether it's online spread through networks such as Technorati, YouTube or Digg.

In exposing this network, the means to leverage and verticalise new ideas regarding products, markets and concepts becomes available. The editorial process of publishing allows quality checks over your copy, your art and your brand. Doing these checks conveys to your clientele that your business is aiming to deliver the best product available to meet your client's needs.

Taking into account the development of open source and open standards across the online space, this means Absalom Media can translate and convert a print concept into a stable web marketing and design plan so that your business, your message, is not lost. By being at the leading edge of open standards design for the online space, a consistent brand message will be created that not only meets your needs, but also the needs of your clientele.

Call us or email us today to unify your print and web brand messages.
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