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Building your own AJAX Web Applications

Published on Tuesday, 03 July 2007
AJAX ? What is it ? A mere buzzword ? A football team ? Sitepoint released their definitive technical book on building AJAX applications for the web a while back, and I managed to score one at one of the many webjam related events I frequent.
Written by Matthew Eernise, this book isn't just for beginners. It deals with the intricacies of deploying AJAX services, dealing with accessibility problems using AJAX, and provides code, guides and various online interactions. It's not aimed at a specific AJAX framework either, helping the new designer or developer in AJAX understand why the code is formed the way it is.

Being a Sitepoint publication, the code and language was technically brilliant, and provided possibilities for leveraging web services such as Amazon, Flickr and Google beyond the mere AJAX request. This is what I liked about it. It didn't just walk through a predefined steps for creating one thing. It gave possibilities and examples of what could be done on a client site.

Considering how many Sitepoint publications I've actually won, this book is invaluable as a reference for issues I deal with in deploying AJAX applications on my client sites. Whilst it may not cover better accessible solutions such as HIJAX, it comes with my recommendation for any designer or developer who needs to reskill quickly when a client asks for effects usually reserved for YouTube or Flickr.
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