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Published on Monday, 01 December 2003

ImageThe "Bluewave" theme, originally built for PostNuke / Autotheme has being converted to Mambo OS 4.5. The PostNuke version contains a variant design, and that also is being converted across to Mambo OS 4.5. New features in the 4.5 version include font embedding for the site logo and a much smaller set of core template files.With all these themes being developed, converted and managed by Absalom Media, it demonstrates that we can deliver an effective design and image branding for your company.

Absalom Media is also currently working with Macromedia in getting basic approval by Macromedia for the Mambo OS 4.0.14 Extension toolbar. Existing themes, such as Mambobizz and Manga, are continually being tested with the latest betas, to ensure compatibilty and ease of installation with Mambo.

A more detailed screenshot of "Bluewave" is available further in the article.

This shows the "Bluewave" theme with font embedding of the site logo, using the Lucida Handwriting fontface, and the rollover button bar.


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