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Celebrate the New Year

Published on Friday, 02 January 2004

Absalom Media wishes all it's customers and users a Merry Christmas and happy New Year, as we continue to design visual experience art.

In Mambo news elsewhere, some of Absalom Media's designs have been listed and archived at Mamboportal, the definitive news source and filebase for all things Mambo.

ImageAbsalom Media has also relaunched with a new design for this new year, inspired in part by the CSS Zen Garden. As part of the festivities the Deviant theme, based in part on the design for Absalom Media, is available for download. Like the latest Absalom Media website, all CSS remains W3C validated and it has dynamic content resizing. We have also reskinned our download area with a new design based on Mattahan's G.A.N.T. iconset.

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