Wolfgramm live at the Nightcat

Published on Sunday, 24 April 2005
As one of Melbourne's leading soul / RnB groups, Wolfgramm, has now started commanding a following that should set it on the road to stardom.
Having secured yet another month long residency at the Nightcat, Wolfgramm show what a true soul group should be about.

Image copyright Wolfgramm

Led by the Wolfgramm sisters, Kelly, Talei and Eliza, they deliver grooves reminscent of Alicia Keys, En Vogue and Destiny's Child. With a tight act both melodically and in terms of stage prescence, they captivate what conteporary soul and RnB should be about. The fact the Cat Empire was pulling similar crowds at the Nightcat before being signed shows a bright horizon not only for Wolfgramm, but for conteporary soul in general.
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