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Published on Thursday, 23 June 2005

Simeon has just completed his first national tour with his band. After much success as an independent artist on community radio, he's now begun building a strong live following. Simeon says, "I am determined to write great songs and to connect with every audience. My approach to music is simply to dig in and create momentum. Signing with a record company (and all that comes with it) will come at the right time. I'm just going to have fun, keep investing, and work hard at my craft!"

Simeon Logo

"More and more people are catching the vibe of what we're doing. We don't need to compromise our sound to satisfy the latest trend... and I think the raw honesty of our lyrics appeals too."

Absalom Media, as part of our support of this local artist, is now offering the following songs to download and stream.

MP3 "Crazy for you" - 128K download stream Stream

MP3 "Crazy for you" - 64K download stream Stream

MP3 "Standing on the mountain" - 128K download stream Stream

MP3 "Standing on the mountain" - 64K download stream Stream

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