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Who Owns You?

Published on Saturday, 22 October 2005
According to the premier edition Mambo podcast, the CMS system was tested and validated into Spikesource. Now this might seem a good thing, but the more information gets published, the more confusing the paper trail for who actually owns the product called Mambo becomes a whole lot more, well, interesting..
The comparison becomes interesting when looking through the press releases for the various partners and how they represent themselves and their affiliates.

First, lets deal with the Mambo side of the fence.
  • Here's a press release by the Mambo Foundation saying they were involved. This release was also printed verbatim on the Foundation's own website as part of the news.

However, when browsing Spikesource, we are told an entirely different story as to who was involved.
  • It's Miro, the parent company of the Foundation, that has done the work, according to the Spikesource partner overview:
    SpikeSource and Miro have built an integrated content management solution based on the SpikeSource Core Stack that installs in just minutes

  • Officially this Spikesource release is a Beta, and I doubt a Beta would be considered certified and validated.
  • And since we're talking essentially about a validated WAMP installer package, there has already been numerous WAMP all-in-one solutions around previously for Mambo. MSAS anyone ?

And just in case people think this is some sort of disgruntled vent into the world, the new core team now contains at least two developers from Miro itself, being Travis and Cameron Fraser.? A third developer was working on 4.5.3 for a while before being fired. This ex-Miro developer was also threatened with legal action for helping pass on needed information to the Mambo community mid last month. Information matters, especially in terms of standards. That is part of the meme of Web 2.0 - everything being open and accessible to all.

And to think I bumped into people who knew the original 4.0 dev team from Miro at Web Essentials this year, as I still maintain and support the 4.0 template set under GPL. If this spaghetti politics with fandango on core is the best the current board has to offer, how does it benefit users in the long run ?
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