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Published on Tuesday, 16 August 2005
Later this week, I will be meeting Peter Lamont of Miro International to discuss the outcomes and ideas and structure related to the new Mambo Foundation. As this is happening, I plan to raise specific issues related to how the Foundation benefits not only the Mambo core development teams, but also the third party developers, resellers of Mambo solutions, and the ultimate end users based on core or third party development support inside the Mambo marketplace.
As I have not recieved any definitive information from the Foundation about itself, processes and strategies for implementation and how these things affect the Mambo community, I ask that all those involved in this discussion contact me so I can field questions directly with Mr Lamont and Miro.

Thus far these are the issues I have identified:

  • Accountability and transparency in the core team, Mambo Steering Committee,? Miro and the Foundation
  • The value of third party development within the Mambo community
  • The change in licencing
  • The value of the community to self-regulate in comparison to the Foundation
  • The possibility of employing a user-focussed media consultant so as to provide clarity for all Foundation, Mambo Steering Committee and core related material
  • The ongoing issue of third party certification, and how that is affected by the terms of association and membership.
  • Gaining and maintaining a democratic, equal, fair and representative voice on the Foundation, Mambo Steering Committee and core development.
If anyone can think of any more outstanding issues arising from the Foundation announcement, by all means, use my contact form and mail them to me. That way I can ask Mr Lamont directly regarding them.

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