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Pattern Recognition

Published on Monday, 27 June 2005
With the advent of Mambo 4.5.3 and it's integrated pattern templating for all core components, Mambo moves into the realm of extensible, accessible content management systems. As pattern templating allows a clear delineation between content and presentation systems, it means Mambo designers such as Absalom Media, can deliver effective tableless, accessible solutions with the minimum amount of customisation to the core.

This benefits you, the end user, as it means designs can be modular in structure, extensible and integrating with third party products, such as the various Mambo image gallery solutions, in a much more fluid way.
As pattern templating becomes the standard design methodology, it will provide cost effective solutions to numerous design issues as it remains an extensible solution.

Absalom Media welcomes the direction the core development team of Mambo has taken in implementing pattern templating in such a way that clearly differentiates the presentation layer from the structure.
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