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Published on Friday, 19 August 2005
Social engineering can be at times painful. It can also be very rewarding if done correctly.

Yesterday I met This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , CEO of Miro International, to discuss the continuing issues with the Mambo Foundation and what that means for third party developers such as Absalom Media, community members in the Mambo community, and the end users of Mambo in the long term. I'd like to thank him publically for taking the time to see me and attempt to deal with the issues raised in the last few weeks. It was an informative exchange of ideas where I was able to ascertain what best suited myself, my business, the Mambo community as I know it, and my clients.

So what does the Mambo Foundation mean for Absalom Media and its clientele ?

It means a minor re-alignment, nothing more. As Absalom Media primarily deals in design and web standards solutions for clients, our project development remains on track.

We will continue to support Mambo as it exists now (4.5.0 and 4.5.x), as well as the new fork managed by the current core team. Since we also deal in? development of other content management systems like Wordpress or Xoops we maintain a stable, secure development cycle outside of Miro products.

As soon as a company chooses to base its entire success on a single product line, then that business is set out to fail. By maintaning independence of a production base as Absalom Media has done by delivering standards based solutions, we give not only ourselves, but also our clients the freedom to succeed.
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