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Mambo Foundation Podcast

Published on Monday, 17 October 2005
Over the next week or so Absalom Media will be releasing the complete transcript of the first Mambo Foundation Podcast, to help those with low bandwidth connections, and those Mambo users that are hearing impaired or otherwise unable to understand the two Mambo Foundation Ordinary members talking. This podcast covers Mambo Love, the new Team Members, the Mamboday in Italy, the Mambo Love Badge Design Competition, the current state of development (i.e. none!) and the Foundation facts.

To help also ease readibility, I'll be breaking it into 3 posts over the next few days, starting with this one. Thus far I've transcribed around 7 minutes worth of the 35 minute discussion. I've also included some notes I've written as I've gone along, mainly related to issues that will affect Mambo and how the podcast was delivered.

So here goes:
Chris: Hey, welcome to the first premier edition of the Mambo Podcast. My name's Chris and I am an Active Member in the Mambo community, and what I do in the daytime is work as an IT Administrator for a big government firm and with me is Ric.

Ric: Yeah, uh, hi. My name's Ric. Ah, I've been involved in the Mambo community for about 2 year, and uh, I used to be on the Documentation team. Currently I'm involved on the Advocacy and PR team and I'm still involved in documentation, and my day job is,uh, I'm a partner in a web design company called Water and Stone and we're focussed on open source content management systems such as Mambo, and uh, primarily OS Commerce. And I'm in Bali right now and Chris, you're in Australia, right?

Chris: I'm in Melbourne, yeah, that's right, I'm in Melbourne Australia. I don't have the Australian accent.

Ric: Like there's some big football thing happening down there right?

Chris: That's right today is the big Grand Final where the Sydney Swans have just won so major props to them.

Ric: Swans ? That's kind of a girly name for a football team, isn't it?

Chris: Yeah, well, let's not get into that. Let's not.. Australians.. (Ric laughing in background) I think it's been actually, uh, 72 years since they actually won so it's been a big win for them.. hehe. But onto Mambo..

Ric: So today we're gonna try and cover some Mambo news, right, to bring people up to date with, uh, the system and the community and we'll also cover some past event news and some upcoming event news..and maybe talk about what's happening with team, and, probably we should also talk about the..the furor surrounding the Foundation as well, don't you think?

Chris: Yeah, that's a big news, uh. The Foundation, I think that's been on.. the question that's been on a lot of people's minds. What is it ? What does it do ? And all that. so better we'll get down to that and what else here, maybe talk about things. what might be happening down the road ahead

Ric: OK. Well where do you want to start?

Chris: OK. Let's go for what's been happening now. I think the big thing that's been launched is the Mambolove site, right? And that's... uh..

Ric: Yeah, Mambolove is, uh, is Mambo's uh, version of the.. say Spread Firefox routine.. and I guess Open Office is doing the same sort of thing right now..and we've seen good growth on that. As an affiliate program there is 714 affiliates (coughs).. affiliates right now and that's up 20 percent in the last week and I think we grew about 20 (edited out) percent in the week before that as well so..uh, that's working real well.

Chris: Yeah, I've been noticing some of the guys that, uh, have been on there as well,uh.. Mambohub has been rocking up the points. 749 right now I'm looking at

Ric: Ah, yeah, the Thai community's just been killing everybody,right? They've got 748 points right now.

Chris: Oh, geez

Ric: The second.. the second place contenders got 205.. I mean, don't get me wrong, 205 is a good showing but uh.. (Chris laughs) ..Mambohub is just killing everyone.

Chris: Gaw, geez. I mean they've doubled up since the last time I took a peek at it. Wow. They're just going off..so what, they can redeem these points?

Ric: Well that Thai community.. well, uh, basically it's a PR exposure thing for the affiliate members..

Chris: Oh, right..

Ric: I mean, uh, if you were (edited out) a point leader on the leaderboard, you know, just like they do at Spread Firefox. Ah, I know they're trying to get hyperlinks hooked into username so they can try to drive some traffic to their sites which will be a good thing. And then, uh, I think there's going to be some contests and some giveaways coming out of this fairly soon. in fact we'll probably get to that in just a little bit.

Chris: So what else have we got here ? We've got the new team members right? Getting our new guys on..

Ric: Yeah, well, probably the big news, right?

Chris: Uh, yep

Ric: Yep, there's new team members all the way around.. um.. I shouldn't say that. There are a lot of new members, there's some old ones that are back, and there are some old faces who haven't been involved in a while who have been involved again, I mean, like me for example. We've got a whole new crew of moderators, uh, a new dev team obviously, uh, you're new, that's right, and just a whole lot of new faces on board, uh. Really the whole excitement, though, has to be with surrounding what's happening with the core dev team, and, who's joining and, uh, what experience they're bringing to the table. I've been watching this as they been introducing themselves inside the team mailing list and,uh, there's some very skilled people onboard now, it's, uh, I feel like, you know, what did I do to be here, these guys are so much better than me.. (laughs)

Chris: Oh, yeah, I was just, ah, during my intros, on the, my..um. the few bits that I'm at. I'm at Advocacy and PR and also new on the moderators side. um, yeah, but you got a whole bunch of guys, people from Greece, uh, Denmark, uh, you name it. Indonesia.. Falkland Islands, you know. Its huge..

Ric: Really. I didn't see that. I just saw we got a whole bunch of people who pennied out of Europe right now.. which is great. (Chris interjects) And we've .. we've even got a Chinese team member as well.

Chris: Yeah, I saw that. That's cool when we got a member from Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, uh, Italy.. Israel..uh

Ric: It's really an international effort and I think the group we have now really reflects better now the international character of the system.. um,and I think it's very encouraging cos already we're seeing some points of view that I'd never really thought about on the system.

Chris: Yeah, so cool. So if you see sone of the new guys and they say "Hey", you know, just welcome them on...and..welcome aboard to everybody. It's good to see everybody.

Ric: Yeah, it'd be nice just to get everything back on a positive foot.. uh, footing, I mean, everyone needs to get up pointed in the right direction again, uh, and uh, everyone, will move forward. A lot of good resources, I think a lot of people have underestimated how deep the community is, how much talent there is out there, and the fact, hey some of the people want to leave and do something else, that's fine, the community is large enough to absorb that and move on, and that's exactly what's happening. Some of the other news things..

Chris: We definitely should move on (background to Ric's "news things")

Ric: Some of the things we should be talking about are about outside, right? How is the rest of the world reacting to Mambo, and two of the big ones has been, uh, related to strategic partners, and, um, Siteground, which is a big hosting company, uh, just notified us the other day that they had just done their 1000th Mambo installation, which is a pretty impressive number, and HostColour, a hosting company out of the US and Europe, uh, just notified us the other day that they've added Mambo to their list of free software installations that they do for their clients and we're really happy to have those guys on board as Strategic Partners.

Chris: Cool, that's excellent

Ric: And, we just put out a press release, or it should be going out now about Spikesource adding Mambo to their open source stack, which, uh, we're all pretty happy about. That's a pretty big win.

Chris: Now what's Spikesource ? That's, uh, kinda new to me, I mean, uh, I did check up a little bit about that, and they're kind of an open source..validation for enterprise, isn't it?.

Now I'm a little unsure what the Strategic Partners mean in terms of the Foundation. The only mention thus far of anything Strategic is when a company ponies up $50K to direct the Mambo project by being a Strategic Member. Is a Strategic Partner the same thing as a Strategic Member ?

The other questionable area that I see is the apparent nonchalance of the PR head to claim that it was the old core team's fault or apparent wrongdoing to leave the project. The thing is, I have credible information that the previous core team were told to sign the NDA or stop working on the project, with the board already formed without Andrew Eddie's involvement by the 10th of August (Australian Eastern Standard Time), one day before the official announcement of the Mambo Foundation on the Mamboserver forums.
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