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Mambo and WAI

Published on Wednesday, 26 October 2005
Just browsing the forums, I noticed that the new team are still discussing WAI accessibility compliance for Mambo. Some of the new team even went as far as saying that Mambo exceeds the tests for WAI and 508 compliance.

This isn't entirely correct. Mechanical validation tools like Cynthia and WebXact don't always provide consistent feedback. Mechanical validation can only go so far in dealing with accessibility issues. So, on the one hand, you have Mambo still outputting tabling for presentational aspects of the content, and you have a mechanical tool which cannot correctly interpret that the tabling used in Mambo is presentation in aspect.

As an ex-member of the 3PD Standards and Guidelines team for Mambo, it would be my recommendation that the new teams educate themselves on the collective mindshare built before their arrival instead making erroneous statements to users on the support forums like they do above.
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