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CSS: Styling the world

Published on Tuesday, 05 October 2004

As you look through the product range and portfolio for Absalom Media, you may recognise that we deliver primarily W3C standards based CSS and XHTML web designs for you and your business.

Now why, you ask, would your business benefit from web standards based design work ?

, CSS, shorthand for Cascading Style Sheets, allow beautiful layouts to be created without the use of tables. Tables are meant to be used for displaying data, not for arranging content.? Table-based layout are also limited to box and column designs. For demonstration of why W3C standards based CSS designs work, and work well on the web head to:

Each of these sites demonstrate how beautiful and unique?a standards based web design can be. Absalom Media, in providing?W3C standards based designs, also aim to provide beautiful design work for your business, providing a visual experience that draws?your clients further into your site,?with a greater chance of?contact, networking and turnover for your business.

Secondly, W3C based CSS designs open up your business to alternate streams of income through greater web accessibility. This means customers using screen readers and other forms of web interaction can browse your sites, understand your content and purchase from you.

, W3C standards based CSS designs load faster and contain simpler coding. In nearly all browsers, a table based site will only start displaying content once all the tabling has?been rendered?; usually this means all the tables laying out the site load first, then the content is delivered. With a CSS based design, load time is significantly reduced as CSS allows content to be delivered quicker and easier to the browser. With the maximum time of a client wishing to view a site being under 10 seconds, delivering your content quickly to your potential and current customers is the key.

Furthermore, a new customer may make their mind up about a site in as little time as 3 seconds, so you need content and imaging delivered in such a way that will meet their need and draw them into a business relationship with you. CSS designs, with their significantly simpler coding structure, a lack of tabling, greater coding flexibility allow your designs to have a "weight reduction". This means less bandwidth is used to deliver more of your site to your potential customers, and there is less work to maintain or modify the design to suit a change in marketing or management planning. CSS, because of the way it is designed, allows a rapid response to changes in your business model.

, as CSS standards become more rigorous in how they define and control styling on the web,? numerous small and large corporations have sought to put this technology to good commercial use. This is primarily the reason why Absalom Media focus on web standards as part of our product range. We believe that to deliver the best design possible for your business, we can create a visual experience that is beneficial to your business. Your?margin for profit?in terms of bandwidth and server costings for the web side of your business will benefit from a?CSS design. Your bandwidth costs will be less than your competition, and you will garner respect for your business for having a site that is functional, beautiful and accessible to all.

This information should help inform you as to why Absalom Media provides the best service for your web design needs.

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