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CSS: Good Business Ethics

Published on Friday, 25 February 2005

Absalom Media seeks to provide CSS design methodology for all our clients, both in the corporate sector and elsewhere. This methodology aims to provide accessibility standards designs, code and customisation that not only benefits the client, but the end user. A benefit to the end user is an ethical benefit to you, our client.

To that end, Absalom Media has been working on numerous coding challenges present in Mambo and it's associated third party componentry.

The first step of a truly accessible design in Mambo is the minimal use of tabling. Tables should only be used to display data, not arrange content. The table structure should conform to Section 508 standards in the very least. CSS should be used primarily for layout.

The next step is to implement semantic structures inside the Mambo core. Absalom Media has extensively rewritten most, if not all of the core code, to conform to semantic methods. This means screen readers can correctly interpret the layout of the site.

After semantic structure has been rolled out, implementing accessible forms is the next priority. Absalom Media is currently finishing off rewriting the forms structures in Mambo to be compliant to Section 508 standards.

Once the structure of all forms is seen to be stable, the only outstanding issue is to implement accessibility standards in all third party componentry. Absalom Media is currently midway through rewriting our commerce cart in this respect.

All of these initiatives show that CSS design and accessibility standards help in delivering good business ethics for you and your business.

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