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CSS: Flash in the can

Published on Monday, 11 October 2004

Flash is a unique and expressive technology to use on the Web, however to deliver it effectively, it must be simple, lightweight and able to express the message the client wants with minimal fuss.

To that end, Absalom Media has adopted Flash in a way that isn't invasive to delivering content through Mambo. This technology is known as scalable IFR, delivered to a workable product for all web designers by Mike Davidson.

Instead of using platform-specific or browser-specific techniques to deliver custom typography on the web, it can now be served up quickly and effectively on the Web for all clients.

So how did Absalom Media?roll out this technology?inside Mambo, you ask ?

First, we delivered the template structure and coding to be W3C XHTML and CSS compliant. The last thing you need with sIFR is?some CSS issue regarding how to style the text.

Secondly, we changed the specifier for the following CSS calls:

  • .contentheading
  • .componentheading
  • .moduleheading

into proper semantic headers for content. You will notice, if you look through our code, that all headers are currently <h3> calls. Having sIFR outside tables helps in the rendering process. You will note that the template structure also allows proper semantic structure from <h1> down to <h3>n calls.

Thirdly, we stripped out?the table rendering for content?and modules, conforming the layout to a pure CSS tableless design.

And then finally we implemented the sIFR script (version 2 Release Candidate 3), with our typeface - Chanticleer Roman - into the template itself.

As long as you are prepared to customise Mambo to allow proper semantic header management, you can roll this out inside your sites as well.

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