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350,000 and banned

Published on Friday, 02 September 2005
Today the Mambo Communities moderators chose to remove my access to the Mamboserver forum. As the open source project I manage as a third party developer for Mambo has had over 350,000 downloads from Mamboforge, not to mention other downloads from Mamboportal, this seems a tad harsh. Absalom Media has supplied extensive resources and skills to the Mambo community, and this is how I get repayed?

Furthermore, as a fully paid member of the Mambo Foundation, such an act demonstrates an unwillingness on the part of the Mambo Foundation Board to listen and adapt to diverse opinions outside their own agenda. In this light, I must continue to warn people against signing up for the Mambo Foundation, when the current Board seeks to censor and control the opinions of its membership without regard for professional ethics and business practice.

The Mambo Foundation may market itself as an open source project, yet from the action of the Board over the last month, it has publically and repeatedly demonstrated a closed-source, propreiatary, cathedral model of behaviour towards the bazaar of core developers, third party developers and end users.

The Foundation may be a good idea. It may even benefit people in the long term. However, in the short to medium term, the current Board is actively censoring any dissent. Since all channels I have opened to gain information for myself, my clients and the Mambo community as a paid Member of the Foundation have been closed off, the only conclusion I can recommend is that when people approach the Foundation they are aware that any independence or dissent against the current Board will be punished.
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