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The cheese isn't stolen

Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2007
It seems there's a lot of miscommunication going around lately. Rob Schley and I have been working out the misunderstanding over Clearance, and there's still some way to go in order to guarantee the privacy of the wider Joomla! community if such a tool is ever finished. The elephant that is the status of licencing across the Joomla! ecosystem is still present, and doesn't seem to be going away soon either..
There's still a few hurdles to consider for such a tool as Clearance:
  • Who owns the data if it's being collated for Joomla!
  • How to ensure people's personal information isn't being misused. This also applies currently to personal information across the entire official Joomla sites (e.g. shop, forum, Code). One hundred and ten thousand users is a marketer's wet dream (as seen by the Ansearch debarcle within Mambo).
  • How to ensure that the data concerning a person is factual, as some enterprise ERP/CRM packages I've worked with have significant problems with duplicate data.
  • How to ensure that users can access that information and have it removed under Freedom of Information so that their privacy remains intact.
As for the ongoing issue of commercial and open source licencing for Joomla! and its extensions, I wait to see who stole the cheese.
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