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More Joomla business processes

Published on Sunday, 31 May 2009
Furthering the usability discussion, and how to get the simplest manager with the least technical skill on board to manage their Joomla site, there's been a lot of movement at the station (to quote a well known Aussie larrikin and poet).

Apart from sourcing the relevant Mootools plugins, sitemap data and running through the alpha "experimental" version of Joomla 1.6, we've also continued to flesh out the entire ACL structure into something meaningful.

What do we mean by meaningful?

The concept as it stands aims to take existing technology trends and apply them to Joomla, especially in terms of management behaviour. With the advent of UML and other XML mapping tools for business intelligence, this is now the time for Joomla to mature and focus on business operations and processes as part of it's workflow.

To that end, the concept calls for importing of multiple mindmap formats (based on OpenXML, most likely), in order to lower the bar and allow maximum data portability across a business. With a simple, flat structured business, it could be forseen that they could create their organisation structure on Joomla, however a major enterprise might take a while to replicate all the decision trees and approval structures. That's why an import matters. Make it simple, use whatever technology is out there to allow the end user to transition safely into this environment.

To that end, here's the visual concept:

It would be forseen that you could have multiple levels of approval prior to publishing. Why ? Because most enterprise level organisations need it, and if Joomla wishes to truly transition into the enterprise, it needs to meet enterprise level business processes, no matter how complicated they are.

If you want to view the full size version, look here:

But that's not all. As stated in the previous post regarding Joomla 1.6 and ACL, you need to address the site structure as well. This would also be done through mindmapping, and since I've sourced most of the pieces to meet this need already, I should be able to provide a working proof of concept to the Joomla staff.

The visual concept for the sitemap follows a similar model to the organisation structure, albeitly displaying it in a different form (organisational versus architecture).

The full size edition is located here:

In essence you would be able to view the site structure based on who had access to view it (for private content), create it (page editing), approve it (editorial authority) and publish it.

This model I've worked with time and time again within the enterprise. It's time Joomla stepped up to meet their needs, and I forsee this is how we can do it.

Notwithstanding other projects which Absalom Media has in queue, we should be able to get a working proof of concept working with the Joomla 1.6 codebase by the end of the week.

Reviews, feedback and comments are most welcome as Absalom Media seeks to produce effective, usable behaviours within Joomla that anyone can understand for their business or enterprise.
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