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Joomla! Licence: Business as usual

Published on Thursday, 21 June 2007
An awful lot has happened over the last few days across the Joomla! ecosystem. The entire Joomla! community has been set on edge in terms of governance, management and direction. But what does this mean for you, the end clients of Absalom Media ? Nothing. Business continues as usual. We still continue to produce high quality commercially licenced design and accessibility work for your business, regardless of the content management system you use.

This decision may seem at odds with the new direction taken by the project managers of the Joomla! project, so let me explain it. As a business, my aim is to provide you, my clients, with the best design, support and customisations that make your online prescence an effective return on investment. In this way, it is in my best interest to protect my clientele from any potential threats they may have. In this way, I am willing to protect my clients when they expect quality work at a fair price, regardless of what licence I use to deliver that work.

The new direction taken by the Joomla! project is a potential threat,  not only because it sells my goods and services short in terms of the time and effort required to deliver a sitewide, accessible, usable online brand, but it also sells your business short. You, as the end client, lose the capacity for high quality work such as accessibility auditing, because the nature of such services ends up being openly licenced, something that harms your distinctive competence amongst the marketplace.

Co-operation rather than competition should be the mark of the professional in society.

By providing an open channel in which to represent you, my clients, to the project managers of Joomla!, I am helping ensure that your business stays viable. By providing customised extensions that suit your business, your revenue will grow through the use of online features that remain distinct within your niche market. By increasing your revenue stream through an online strategy, you win. As your business grows through winning more and more market share online, both my goods and services to you, and the Joomla! project as a whole, win.

It is this level of co-operation that results in a successful business, something that the project managers of Joomla! may need to rethink concerning their policy direction. Absalom Media and other commercially licenced developers are not in competition to Joomla!, for without our work, we would not have the prevalence or diversity of extensions across the ecosystem.
"The most important strength of the project is the volume of third-party extensions both commercial and open source. On the flip side, due to its absence of workflow and inability to define custom content types, Joomla! remains weak for traditional enterprise scenarios."
(CMS Watch, Web CMS report p. 524, )

In this respect, I reassure my clients that business will continue as normal, unabated, with the same high quality design and dedication that you have come to expect from Absalom Media. If the project managers of Joomla or any clients have any questions regarding this decision or this time, they are free to contact me.

There is further background material available here, and if you wish to support the model Absalom Media uses to support your business, by all means vote.
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