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SEO Australian Style

Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2007
To effectively establish your brand or company name across the Internet, a site has to be designed in order to leverage trust from all the major search vendors such as Google and Yahoo, as well as allowing  the content that reflects your business to be consumed in multiple formats.

Within the Australian marketplace, the nature of search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) dictates that the marketing plan for your business needs to include an online strategy. Now most SEO firms rely on link creation in order to gain the credibility and visibility of both search engines and end users, yet that is not an effective long term strategy.

The online strategy of any business should fall in step with its larger corporate business plan, otherwise there will be a clash of cultural and ideological values. And without the content inside a SME, corporate or enterprise website being related or relevant to the ongoing business, it can actually devalue and dilute the overall brand strategy.

This is why Absalom Media prides itself on providing the most technically advanced solutions to deliver an online business presence immediately. For we understand that as a business grows in terms of turnover and products, the online presence it needs will likewise need to grow and adapt to the needs of the users.

In this way, a single strategy of link exchange or link visibility alone is technically inferior to the customised services offered by Absalom Media. We do not rely on link visibility alone, we aim at interfacing with your clients and search engines directly, allowing them the easiest, simplest path to understand what products and services you are selling. We also make sure the content you create is leveraged correctly in multiple digital formats for ease of syndication across the Internet.
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