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Published on Saturday, 27 August 2005
As a customer of the Commonwealth Bank, I've been involved in the beta and release of the new NetBank online account management website. So am I getting my monies worth, whilst the Commonwealth Bank continue to post record profits every year ?

nullThe new version of NetBank is version Saver 5.4, and here's my analysis of it:
  • NetBank has tables, and lots of them, primarily used to do layout. As tabling isn't a recommended system for doing layout according to WCAG guidelines, this means screen readers will have trouble with the layout.
  • Javascript code is used to hide other pieces of Javascript, which remains a functionality nightmare. Around 3% of people usually have Javascript disabled, and screenreaders don't parse Javascript well either.
  • The menu structure is based on? http://www.dhtmlcentral.com/projects/coolmenus/ which is 2002 code, somewhat archaic, and whoever coded it didn't even remove the copyright notice out of the file.
  • The only use of CSS is for very basic styling, but not for positioning. This is contrary to accessibility standards, which makes their FAQ on NetBank somewhat contradictory
  • NetBank Places an XHTML doctype (Transitional) yet the code Netbank generates is still HTML, which means it remains invalid.
  • There is also a <h2> call that goes nowhere and no content in it.

However, there are some ideas going in the right direction:

  • The Coolmenu JS replicates the left hand navigation structure, which means it is redundant.
  • It somehow validates 508 on Cynthia, whilst having invalid code, showing? the limitations of Cynthia as an online validator.

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