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The medium is the message

Published on Thursday, 29 March 2007
The world is filled with colour, design and art. It is also saturated with rich media, to the point of information overload for some people. This is where the art of breathing space, to rest, refresh and rethink the perception of the world around us matter.
To effectively convey how diluted our experience of life remains, I now present something found on AreYouGeneric. It's called Kapitaal / Capital:

A collective of young artists known as Studio Smack were commissioned to put together a video reflecting the enormous amount of visuals that plague us every day. They stripped away everything in our path but commercial and graphical messages leaving us with a very dark and sad truth.

"The amount is so big that its commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious."

In order to understand the medium and the message is to recognise that saturation alone won't help people, let alone make them identity with it. Apathy and "ad blindness" is so common these days, due to the intent that more marketing and more advertising will somehow result in more sales.
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“Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.”


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