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Connecting with young people in their world

Published on Sunday, 26 June 2005

Being a teenager today is like walking a tightrope.
Every step is a challenge.

Since Young Life Australia began in 1972, volunteer leaders have cared enough to leave the comfort of their own adult worlds and enter the arena of high school students. You will find Young Life leaders connecting with young people at their schools, sporting venues or the shops. Young Life leaders model trust, respect and responsibility and they do it within the context of a teenager's world. The primary mission for a Young Life leader is to 'love young people in their world.' Young Life believes in the power of building positive relationships with teenagers in order to have a genuine long lasting impact in their lives.

null Absalom Media for the last year has been involved with Young Life, supporting the development of youth through this relevant, cutting edge program.

There is more pressure in the world of teenagers today. The pressure to achieve, make decisions earlier, fit in with peers and choose the right career.

There's also the desperate need to find an identity and be loved and valued for who they are. Traditional safety nets of family and community support are often missing.

Broken relationships, feelings of isolation and emotional burdens are part of many young lives by the time they reach high school.

At school, the choices that are made and the relationships formed will determine what sort of adults our teenagers become. And this is where Young Life provides a way of building confidence, values and resilience in Australia's young people through significant relationships.

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