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Published on Saturday, 30 June 2007
Absalom Media seeks to provide exceptional CSS design and industry best practice code to our clientele around the world. To this end, we are members of the Web Standards Group.

Web Standards Group Member

Our principal designer and lead developer, Lawrence Meckan, is also a fully paid member of the Australian Web Industry Association and of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers.


We are also part of the Joint Commercial Developers Alliance that services the Mambo, Joomla and Elixis open source community.

In the same way that everybody is different, all software developers are different and the members of the JCDA are no exception to this rule, however there are a few principles that they all share. These principles are as follows.

Integrity - We will always do what we say. Our commitment is to integrity when dealing with both clients and competitors. We will strive to honour our agreements and will always honour our commitments.

Honesty - We will always be truthful and honest in all our client interactions, and be ready to acknowledge and learn from mistakes. We will seek and value feedback, and provide the same to our clients.

Service - We will take the responsibility of achieving 100% of client satisfaction on every project without compromising our ethical standards. It is our mission to help our clients succeed. Only then can we as developers realise our full growth potential. We will strive for high customer satisfaction and 100% repeat business from our clients.

Quality - We will strive for the "Zero Defect" mentality in every project. We will implement processes to incorporate the "Zero Defect" mentality from the start of everything that we do for our clients. We will continually seek to improve upon our processes to surpass our client's quality expectations.

We encourage our members to:
  • Use the minimum amount of encryption required to protect their software from license abuse.
  • Offer, where practical, demonstration and/or free versions of their software.
  • Invest in Source Code Escrow.
  • Offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee where practical.
  • Offer a minimum of 3 months free support on software products.

Our members will:

  • Maintain the dignity, reputation and welfare of the JCDA.
  • Be aware of and observe the law of the land, particularly with reference to their chosen field of expertise.
  • Actively participate in improving both their own software and that of the parent project.
  • Maintain and improve their professional competence in their chosen field of expertise.
  • Operate professionally according to recognised good practice in all aspects of their field.
  • Not take advantage of the inexperience or lack of knowledge of others.

Featured in the Xemion Brisbane Web Design Company directory.
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