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Published on Sunday, 31 May 2009

This is the extensive list of Joomla addons and plugins Absalom Media produces. All paid downloads comprise a 30 minute support package as part of the product. Code is licenced where possible under the GPL in order to list on the Joomla Extensions Directory, in line with legal opinion from Open Source Matters. Unless otherwise stated, all software is built for Joomla 1.5

Analytix Extended

Analytix Extended is just that. Google Analytics extended, upgraded, supercharged, to full XHTML compliance and to allow you to track document downloads and external clickthroughs to other sites away from your domain. Like we said, supercharged. Fresh off the code mill, so please test it and get back to us with bugs.

Dis Quis Machina

A supercharged edition of the Disqus plugin for Joomla. With extra machina goodness. Coming soon!


Time to rock out the Joomla world with RDF and trackbacks where you least expect it. Coming soon!


Less is more. Take a swig. A simple, lightweight, supercharged online content editor for Joomla. Coming soon!

Dublin Core Extended

A metadata tool like no other. Releasing this month!

Dublin Core Redux

The full AGLS edition of Dublin Core Extended, a metadata tool like no other, being built especially for the Australian market. Coming soon!

Adsnoop: Joomla Adsense Plugin Reboot

Completely redesigned and refactored from the ground up. Less weight, more revenue. Coming soon!

Amazi: Amazon Plugin

Contextual Amazon Ads like you've never seen them before. Coming soon!

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