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... dealing online. The blogosphere will crucify you, show you up for trying to scam people, and generally disrespect a business that does not retain legitimacy and credibility between its online actions...
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

2. The Joomla! community
...y matters. People who use the products of Absalom Media to increase the value of their online presence are respected. That does beg the question, however. What is the Joomla! community ? What is the J...
Monday, 30 July 2007

... Joomla! remains weak for traditional enterprise scenarios." (CMS Watch, Web CMS report p. 524, ) In this respect, I reassure my clients that business will continue as normal, unabated, with the same...
Thursday, 21 June 2007

.... Considering the key people who run the D&A forum are not involved in design and accessibility in any respect, how does that benefit Joomla!, either in the short term or in the long term ? Afte...
Sunday, 29 April 2007

...rectify it and move on. Anyone who refuses to mediate a solution in order to provide a resolution, in this respect, is there to merely perpetuate the conflict. Secondly, this presents a demonstration...
Saturday, 24 March 2007

6. Who's the next star?
...s towards a more balanced view of society and gender balance. Eric Meyer is, unfortunately, right in this respect. It's not in his best interest to get B or C list presenters for his conferences. The...
Tuesday, 27 February 2007

7. The power of community
...Open Source software solutions do not take on established products like Mozilla's Firefox and win. In this respect, it would be high time that Joomla! rethink its focus and motivation. If they keep pl...
Friday, 23 February 2007

8. Humanly possible
(News/Joomla) of Joomla! if this is not addressed correctly. I've seen commercial closed source packages fail in this respect and it would be wise to keep frontend and backend URI management in sync.   ...
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

9. Mamboforge lockouts
...out of the very things they're meant to be developing in, it doesn't convey a sense of professionalism and respect by the organisation that delivers the open source architecture. ...
Tuesday, 06 December 2005

10. Mambo 4.5.3 Review
...s to get their copyright attributions right. This product seems annoyingly similar to 4.5.2 in all other respects, which tells me it probably isn't worthy of another point release. The included ...
Thursday, 01 December 2005

11. Stuff Mart
...r clients and the end users of the web experience because at the end of the day, if it isn't usable, irrespective of how much design has gone into it, it won't help people find the stuff they&...
Thursday, 29 September 2005

12. Please Use This
...roduct a person or company designs doesn't keep the basic functional principles that allow any user, irrespective of their technical knowledge, to create, manage and control the content inside the...
Wednesday, 28 September 2005

13. Open Sauce
.... We understand if you do not wish to be part of the Foundation in light of recent developments and will respect your decision should you want to be removed from the forums. Please respond to this...
Thursday, 01 September 2005

14. Semantic Ideas
(News/Mambo) and .componentheading independent of a  h1  or h2 element. It means that those templates, irrespective of when they were released in comparison to the semantic extensions to Mambo, rec...
Sunday, 10 July 2005

...ting with young people at their schools, sporting venues or the shops. Young Life leaders model trust, respect and responsibility and they do it within the context of a teenager's world. The...
Sunday, 26 June 2005

...ty and acceptance," Mr Lamont said. He said the award recognises Mambo as a "legitimate and well-respected alternative to massively expensive commercial solutions that offer little in return...
Friday, 25 February 2005

...all third party componentry. Absalom Media is currently midway through rewriting our commerce cart in this respect. All of these initiatives show that CSS design and accessibility standards help in d...
Friday, 25 February 2005

... An Atomic Bomb", and their "Vertigo" tour, demonstrate how tight an act must be to command respect in the industry. Granted, U2 has the backing and distribution of a major label behind...
Tuesday, 22 February 2005

19. CSS: Styling the world
...ll benefit from a?CSS design. Your bandwidth costs will be less than your competition, and you will garner respect for your business for having a site that is functional, beautiful and accessible to a...
Tuesday, 05 October 2004

... clear delineation between "free as in free beer" and "free as in non-commercial", and respect the work various coders and designers within the Mambo community release under Creati...
Saturday, 18 September 2004

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