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1. Internet Puzzle
(Portfolio/IT Industry)
...cts with having a single client in one particular industry, the overall search engine marketing direction is providing better return on investment for Internet Puzzle's clients. Absalom Media was inv...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007

...s transaction. They can see that the company producing these goods actually honours the laws of the land in providing warranty, refunds and assessments of merchantability/fitness. They know that they...
Monday, 16 July 2007

...arketplace. Now, Co-operation rather than competition should be the mark of the professional in society. By providing an open channel in which to represent you, my clients, to the project managers of...
Thursday, 21 June 2007

4. SEO Australian Style
..., it can actually devalue and dilute the overall brand strategy. This is why Absalom Media prides itself on providing the most technically advanced solutions to deliver an online business presence im...
Tuesday, 08 May 2007 people outside of Joomla!. In this way, the marketing strategy is insular and segmented, not aimed at providing value for people outside Joomla!. And the only way you're going to provide valu...
Friday, 13 April 2007

...ioned are popular  because of their naive interface to novice web users, but they fundamentally fail at providing a meaningful  user experience beyond  popularity contests and ego-searc...
Monday, 26 February 2007

7. Humanly possible
...her into a particular part of a component. This means the URI can be leveraged in terms of REST structures, providing a simplified URI map to a particular piece of content somewhere. It also finally ...
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

8. Land of the living
...s their resource for all things design, accessibility and technical on the web, we are back now, to continue providing templates, design specifications, usability analysis and a level of service you&#...
Friday, 11 November 2005 Open source projects reflect the spirit of collaboration and fun while garnering community feedback and providing good governance that allows for business to confidently invest in its developmen...
Thursday, 18 August 2005

10. Project Orange
...cross 2 complete builds as is. Hosting and development would take place on Mamboforge under the GPL licence, providing open development of an accessibility architecture. We are looking for designers, ...
Wednesday, 23 March 2005

11. CSS: Styling the world
...h of these sites demonstrate how beautiful and unique?a standards based web design can be. Absalom Media, in providing?W3C standards based designs, also aim to provide beautiful design work for your b...
Tuesday, 05 October 2004

...d watch business in the outern Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Absalom Media analysed their business needs and providing a solution that would allow greater control over their content, their visibility ...
Friday, 24 September 2004

...usiness. The freedom for users around the world to look at your work and use it in a way that benefits them, providing they keep to the licence. A sense of community and understanding in the same vei...
Saturday, 18 September 2004

14. Client: Elam
...s had their website updated with the latest Mambo design work from Absalom Media. Absalom Media will also be providing secure e-commerce and credit card facilities in the longer term so people from ar...
Wednesday, 26 May 2004

...Melbourne independent artists, is now hosted?using Absalom Media's services. Absalom Media has also been providing?design feedback?and content management techniques as the latest Simeon website, S...
Friday, 23 April 2004

16. Ken Ross Jewellers
Ken Ross Jewellers is a jeweller in the inner Eastern suburbs providing stunning jewellery, high quality watches and other types of accessories. Absalom Media provided a site update, SEO optimisation,
Monday, 27 October 2003

17. Website Update
...ere is a new corporate image for Absalom Media. Using the latest in portal technology, Absalom Media will be providing design work, logos and media for businesses in the entertainment indust...
Thursday, 09 October 2003

18. About
(Static Content)
... have extensive experience with crisis counselling and conflict resolution, in both identifing stressors and providing guidance towards mediation and resolution. Design My personal background is tha...
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

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