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1. Joomla Usability Sucks
...esentations of business models being seen extensively across business systems through such tools as Powerpoint. There is, of course, the old proverb: "A picture is worth a thousand words". Methods ...
Monday, 14 September 2009

...f the business manager to balance these 3 factors effectively. I've seen intranets deployed using Sharepoint where the only newsfeed and posting was by IT staff, not by the wider organisation, lesse...
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

3. The Photoshop Anthology
Need a crash course in Photoshop ? Need some inspiration for new works to do? Then Sitepoint's "The Photoshop Anthology" is the book for you. This book covers a wide breadth of knowledge, from startin
Monday, 16 July 2007

4. Open source democracy
...unity Oversight Committee (the 'Committee'). The responsibilities and powers of the Committee are to appoint and remove Members of the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc.; and to appro...
Thursday, 12 July 2007

...veloped an ecosystem where GPL core code can be extended with non-GPL extensions. Otherwise, what's the point of the extension installer if not to add new functionality that remains unavailable as pa...
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

AJAX ? What is it ? A mere buzzword ? A football team ? Sitepoint released their definitive technical book on building AJAX applications for the web a while back, and I managed to score one at one of
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

...fect of human behaviour -  a response made in fear is always unreasonable. So I'll simplify the key points of my previous post to dot points so people know where this is going.. The key questions...
Monday, 11 June 2007

...t managers of Joomla! are taking the product. The community use, love and customise this product, to the point of needing commercial component support for their work and being locked out of the legal ...
Friday, 08 June 2007

...technical users. Transparency - It provides a sounding board for technical and moderation issues, to the point where the moderators and developers are not 'above the law'. Honesty - It acknowledges w...
Sunday, 29 April 2007

...m strategy of Joomla!, imho, falls into a crying, miserable heap. Like Brian Teeman said, if the entire point is to get J! on the frontpage, you're gaming the system (in order to increase relevance ...
Friday, 13 April 2007

11. Anything but bashful
...ell formed markup and there will be a few design changes happening as a result. After all, as the entire point is to demonstrate good standards, why not make the good even better ? Absalom Media is p...
Tuesday, 03 April 2007

12. The medium is the message
The world is filled with colour, design and art. It is also saturated with rich media, to the point of information overload for some people. This is where the art of breathing space, to rest, refresh
Thursday, 29 March 2007

13. Beehive machina
...n displayed here  is represented industry wide, through discussions like A List Apart, The Sleeping Point and others. Validation, in other words, the use of basic mechanical scripts to make sure ...
Thursday, 01 March 2007

14. Professionalism and change
... are social creatures. They are also creatures by which change can be a hard and involving event, to the point of causing stress, anxiety, anger and other forms of socially unacceptable behaviour. Yet...
Monday, 26 February 2007

15. The power of community
(News/Joomla), either. Certain topics almost evoked a religious fanaticism from within the established team, to the point where evangelism for the product mattered more than understanding the needs of the end us...
Friday, 23 February 2007

16. Darkened forge
(News/Mambo) open source architecture. In the last day, Martin Brampton, one of the Mambo community independent appointees to the Mambo Foundation has provided some meaningful answers to some of my questions a...
Thursday, 08 December 2005

17. Mambo 4.5.3 Review
...ation then expanded and integrated into all pages of the Mambo backend in the "Beta", before I pointed out the signficiant usability and design flaws to doing this. This time, they actually ...
Thursday, 01 December 2005

...een noticing some of the guys that, uh, have been on there as well,uh.. Mambohub has been rocking up the points. 749 right now I'm looking at Ric: Ah, yeah, the Thai community's just been kil...
Monday, 17 October 2005

19. Cultural Voice
...onstraints they find inside the system or outside of it (e.g. feature creep). This is why a holistic viewpoint on the design and delivery of a website matters. It allows integration of technologies, i...
Thursday, 29 September 2005

20. Bag This
...tyle Master and a complete copy of the WestCiv CSS Guide. Also inside the goods bag is a copy of the Sitepoint Firefox Secrets guide, and a sampler of other Sitepoint books. I'd use the Firefox Se...
Wednesday, 28 September 2005

21. Please Use This
... and control the content inside the web experience, it doesn't do it's job. Now, I've been appointed as part of the Usability, Accessibility and Standards team for Joomla. What this means...
Wednesday, 28 September 2005

22. Letter to the community
... the first Board. Miro CEO Peter Lamont has taken it upon himself to incorporate the Foundation and appoint the Board without consulting the two development team representatives, Andrew Eddie and ...
Thursday, 18 August 2005

23. To Tell A Story
.... Keeping everything simple, even if the actual backend processes are complex, is the primarily selling point of any content management system. Otherwise those who use the CMS may have an aversion to...
Sunday, 27 February 2005

24. The Giant's Drink
... a designer for the Mambo content management system will address the needs of my clients as noted in the points above.   ...
Friday, 25 February 2005

... LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, in Boston,?last week?(Tuesday, 15 Feb 2005)   The powerful, free point-and-click website solution won the "Best of Show" award and also "Best Ope...
Friday, 25 February 2005

26. Website Update
(News/News) new market.   Our philosophy has not changed. We still arrive on time for any onsite appointment. We will continue to provide documentation for every job undertaken. Our focus is sti...
Thursday, 09 October 2003

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