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1. Joomla Usability Sucks
...yword Mention % web manager 36 51.43% hr 33 47.14% legal office 27 38.57% levels 25 35.71% warehouse 15 ...
Monday, 14 September 2009

...ffords the brand credibility online is another matter entirely.  Lying, astroturfing and threats of legal action are not reputable business strategies when dealing online. The blogosphere will cr...
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

3. The Joomla! community
...'rock star' perception is currently in effect. How are extensions created for Joomla! ? Extensions are legally considered to be artistic works. Artistic works1 are designed and developed by third pa...
Monday, 30 July 2007

4. Open source democracy
...s this allow a democratic community to be built? Let's take for instance Open Source Matters. It is the legal non-profit entity responsible for handling both the monies and the collateral that is the...
Thursday, 12 July 2007

5. Follow the money
...imately responsible for the monies going into Joomla! coffers is the perfect person to ask regarding the legal and financial accountability that comes with a change in policy direction. It is entirel...
Friday, 06 July 2007

... and coming developers code correctly licenced applications in light of the ongoing discussion regarding legality of extension code. ...
Wednesday, 04 July 2007

The legalese currently traded against the third party development community is that they violate the GNU GPL based on the fact the 'original copyright holders' may be informed of their actions to prod
Tuesday, 03 July 2007

...ok at the esteemed, newly anointed Joomla! project manager, Johan Janssens, head of Open Source Matter's legal department, started out with his freshly spun word of wisdom for the day: Encryption of ...
Thursday, 14 June 2007

9. The cheese isn't stolen
It seems there's a lot of miscommunication going around lately. Rob Schley and I have been working out the misunderstanding over Clearance, and there's still some way to go in order to guarantee the p
Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I go away for a weekend to Brisbane and this happens. Whilst it may look like it's a fair right of reply from the official source of all Joomla! sugary goodness, there's actually very little meat behi
Monday, 11 June 2007

...product, to the point of needing commercial component support for their work and being locked out of the legal and financial benefits for their copyrighted work across the Joomla! ecosystem just harms...
Friday, 08 June 2007

12. The power of community
...eams have been focussed on coding more than anything else, it also means design, community and potential legal pitfalls have been placed by the wayside. With unbridled power over a community comes the...
Friday, 23 February 2007

13. Good business practices
...y in regards to its site design and construction, should help educate the business world at large to the legal and ethical implications of bad business practices on the web. This should be a wake up c...
Friday, 10 February 2006

14. Mamboforge lockouts
...ason. The last time this sort of thing happened, it was aimed at the previous core team. The interesting legal and ethical precident this time round is that it is aimed at a GPL-based independent deve...
Tuesday, 06 December 2005

15. Who Owns You?
...per was working on 4.5.3 for a while before being fired. This ex-Miro developer was also threatened with legal action for helping pass on needed information to the Mambo community mid last month. Info...
Saturday, 22 October 2005

16. Full Disclosure
...ited in distribution through end user licence agreements, non-disclosure agreements and various forms of legal recource against developers and users. The Mambo Foundation has sought to take the route ...
Friday, 23 September 2005

17. Cannibals
...explaination for ANYTHING they do with something that belongs to them Now this sets down an interesting legal precident. The reason I wrote the licencing primer for the Mambo community in 2004 was th...
Friday, 09 September 2005

18. New Arrival
...nter (SFLC), in New York, to establish the Joomla! and Open Source Matters entities. The SFLC provides legal representation and other law related services to protect and advance free and open sour...
Friday, 02 September 2005

19. CSS: Styling the world
...ards based CSS designs work, and work well on the web head to: CSS Zen Garden CSS Beauty CSS Vault Stylegala Each of these sites demonstrate how beautiful and unique?a standards based web design...
Tuesday, 05 October 2004

...connection with the exchange of copyrighted works" Commercial advantage begins at making some commercial transaction. This may be resal...
Saturday, 18 September 2004

21. Joomla Addons
(Static Content)
... licenced where possible under the GPL in order to list on the Joomla Extensions Directory, in line with legal opinion from Open Source Matters. Unless otherwise stated, all software is built for Joom...
Sunday, 31 May 2009

22. Ticketing terms of use
(Static Content)
...r plan. Furthermore you must not use this system to: spam the services of Absalom Media engage in any illegal activity whilst on this site harass, stalk or threaten any user on this site All relevan...
Tuesday, 05 May 2009

23. Stylegala
(Web Links / CSS)
Stylegala is CSS design reviews, feedback and thoughts
Friday, 25 February 2005

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