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1. The $46 dollar sale
...not on crowdsourced outsourced business intelligence. That means when you sign up, you get the influence and direction of a web industry expert who has built enterprise level sites, not a call or tech...
Monday, 18 May 2009

...ts Cocoa application pervasive across all potential platforms - Mac, Linux and Windows. This is a continuing direction by Apple itself to use standards based technology, such as HTML and CSS, to deliv...
Thursday, 19 June 2008

3. Cameron Constructions
...and extension. In collaboration with Internet Puzzle, the design and metadata was refocussed to suit the new direction of the overall business. ...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007

4. Internet Puzzle
(Portfolio/IT Industry)
...n niche products with having a single client in one particular industry, the overall search engine marketing direction is providing better return on investment for Internet Puzzle's clients. Absalom ...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007

5. The Joomla! community
...nity.  Using the software makes you a community member, regardless of whether or not you agree with the direction taken by the Core Team, OSM or Community Oversight Committee. Limiting the under...
Monday, 30 July 2007

6. Joomla! Template Design
...signer. And since this book covers licencing your templates, considering it was written before the change in direction from the Joomla! Core, it covers licencing quite adequately. If you get stuck in...
Wednesday, 18 July 2007

7. Follow the money
...he perfect person to ask regarding the legal and financial accountability that comes with a change in policy direction. It is entirely logical and rational to follow the money. Government bodies such...
Friday, 06 July 2007 this one, it will increase the overall market share for Joomla!. I'd also recommend it deals with the new direction taken by the Core Team in terms of GPL compliance for Joomla! as it would help up...
Wednesday, 04 July 2007

... Joomla! ecosystem. The entire Joomla! community has been set on edge in terms of governance, management and direction. But what does this mean for you, the end clients of Absalom Media ? Nothing. Bus...
Thursday, 21 June 2007

...for them which remain outside the GPL. Mambo, the base from which Joomla! arose, even has a specific FAQ and direction statement allowing commercial works as well as non-GPL work to co-exist in peace ...
Thursday, 14 June 2007

11. Social networking online
(News/Design) the systems we use in the online marketplace, it must be paramount that the systems reflect the needs and direction that the user want. In this way, the Myspace halo effect may not be as profound a...
Friday, 27 April 2007

12. Joomla! Summer of Code
...ork, having developed numerous applications to interface with it in PHP, CFML and .Net, I recognise that the direction needed requires a small, yet subtle customisation to the content record tables in...
Monday, 09 April 2007

13. Who's the next star?
...hasn't changed. Surely, as a web industry, there is the capacity for new blood to provide innovative and new directions towards web issues. The fact most of these issues relate to representation and h...
Tuesday, 27 February 2007

14. The power of community
...fork, and that ideal has persisted over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, a flow on effect from this sense of direction and vision is that there is no meaningful appeal process when the corporatised Wo...
Friday, 23 February 2007

15. Political policies
...need to be correctly addressed. As the web industry is changing daily in term of technology, make up, focus, direction, social networks, new programming languages, new ways of solving old problems, th...
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

16. Mambo 4.5.3 Review
...e latest edition of Mambo, 4.5.3, has finally been released to the public. This version marks a milestone in direction for Mambo as it is the first stable release by the new "Team Mambo" und...
Thursday, 01 December 2005

... get everything back on a positive foot.. uh, footing, I mean, everyone needs to get up pointed in the right direction again, uh, and uh, everyone, will move forward. A lot of good resources, I think ...
Monday, 17 October 2005

18. Money matters
...all that goes nowhere and no content in it. However, there are some ideas going in the right direction: null The Coolmenu JS replicates the left hand navigation structure, which me...
Saturday, 27 August 2005

19. That's No Beta
What is the first sign of a project death ? As soon as people start thinking they can rewrite the vision and direction without regard for consequence, that is when the project is heading towards death
Saturday, 27 August 2005

20. Letter to the community
... concerns of the core development teams. We, the community, have no voice in its government or the future direction of Mambo. The Mambo Steering Committee made up of development team and Miro re...
Thursday, 18 August 2005

21. Pattern Recognition
...ective solutions to numerous design issues as it remains an extensible solution. Absalom Media welcomes the direction the core development team of Mambo has taken in implementing pattern templating i...
Monday, 27 June 2005

22. Consulting
(Static Content) Our process is different. We investigate your business plan, present SWOT analyses in regards to brand direction and development online, and then search for the most appropriate product on the m...
Saturday, 12 May 2007

23. Web Connections
(Web Links / Fun)
My Connection account at Web Directions South 06
Sunday, 04 March 2007

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