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... delivered as it remains conceptual. Within a design agency, the mentality has to be different. In order for designers to gain value from their work, there should be little speculative works. Projects...
Wednesday, 20 February 2008

2. Camping at the Bar
...ctions with the Web Standards Group, the Australian Web Industry Association and the Guild of Accessible Web Designers. As GAWDS is an international body, it doesn't have a local chapter in Brisbane o...
Saturday, 24 November 2007

3. Joomla! Template Design
(News/Reviews) better design, as well as semantic benefits, for Flash integration. Overall this book is perfect for new designers wanting to learn how to design in Joomla!. The chapters on AJAX and menu systems ...
Wednesday, 18 July 2007

4. Memberships
...n, is also a fully paid member of the Australian Web Industry Association and of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers. We are also part of the Joint Commercial Developers Alliance that services the...
Saturday, 30 June 2007

...cences (BSD, MPL, and so on). Futhermore, other GPL projects, such as Wordpress and Drupal, have commercial designers developing templates for them which remain outside the GPL. Mambo, the base from ...
Thursday, 14 June 2007

... What patentable material is actually available for Joomla! ? As the copyright is held by numerous volunteer designers and developers, both inside the current teams and outside of it, who benefits fro...
Friday, 08 June 2007

7. Loreal, marketing and art
...m this ? Firstly, during the L'oreal Fashion Fest, on a public access night, it become obvious that graphic designers and fashion designers are markedly different. So much so, that when I invited one...
Tuesday, 24 April 2007

... this presents a demonstration of professional pedigree in dealing with conflicting information. Most "hack" designers tend to melt to butter when dealing with ideological or professional business con...
Saturday, 24 March 2007

9. Beehive machina
...he way it currently is. For without advancement beyond the dependence on these mechanical tools, developers, designers and users are given a false sense of security thanks to the marketing supplied fr...
Thursday, 01 March 2007

10. Who's the next star?
...senters for his conferences. The only solution to this that I can see is that we equip our up and coming web designers and developers to deliver A grade performances, capable of showing innovative and...
Tuesday, 27 February 2007

11. Professionalism and change
...down, or in regards to circumstances within the marketplace and bazaar. So what does that mean for us as web designers, developers and implementers ? Web development and design remains an industry in ...
Monday, 26 February 2007

12. New Arrival
...formed Open Source Matters ( to distribute information to users, developers, web designers and the community in general. Project leader Mr Andrew Eddie made the ...
Friday, 02 September 2005

13. Pattern Recognition
...s. As pattern templating allows a clear delineation between content and presentation systems, it means Mambo designers such as Absalom Media, can deliver effective tableless, accessible solutions with...
Monday, 27 June 2005

14. Designspace
Absalom Media has now released the Mambo Template Tutorial to help coders and designers develop under Mambo 4.5.x. This is the end product of significant work on Absalom Media's part to deliver a
Sunday, 17 April 2005

15. Project Orange
...forge under the GPL licence, providing open development of an accessibility architecture. We are looking for designers, coders and testers to help facillitate this project. "Project Orange&quot...
Wednesday, 23 March 2005

16. The Giant's Drink
...mised work based on Mambo. Clearer, cleaner documentation, both for the new user, and for the developers and designers. The Miro-Mambo relationship growing and changing the way developers and designer...
Friday, 25 February 2005

17. CSS: Flash in the can
...content through Mambo. This technology is known as scalable IFR, delivered to a workable product for all web designers by Mike Davidson. Instead of using platform-specific or browser-specific techni...
Monday, 11 October 2004

As one of the template designers in Mambo releasing Creative Commons licenced designs into the Mambo community via, it has come to my attention quite a few times that our works are, in
Saturday, 18 September 2004

...le with Mambo Solutions' Mambo OS 4.5 Dreamweaver toolbar, and will not damage any existing code. This means designers can now do layouts for Mambo OS 4.5 and 4.0.14 in Dreamweaver, cutting down devel...
Tuesday, 25 November 2003

...X 2004 now includes rich CSS support, cross-browser validation and secure FTP for site management. It allows designers and developers to copy and paste from Word and Excel documents directly into Drea...
Thursday, 09 October 2003

Kaliber10000 (K10k) is an independent, non-commercial web zine which strives to inspire, to provoke, to allow both others & ourselves the joy of having full artistic freedom - to give people a break,
Monday, 05 February 2007

22. Designologue
(Web Links / Design)
A designologue is a conversation between two designers in the medium they understand best - design. Comparisons can be made to Coudal's Photoshop Tennis where two designers alternately modify the othe
Monday, 28 February 2005

23. Web Standards Group
(Web Links / Accessibility)
The Web Standards Group is for web designers and developers who are interested in web standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT etc.) and best practices (accessible sites using valid and semantically cor
Friday, 25 February 2005

24. Australia INFront
(Web Links / Design)
Australian INfront is a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, companies and other design related web sites
Friday, 25 February 2005

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