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Delivering a web page, CMS or piece of software in order to provide equal opportunity usage, regardless of potential disability.
Print: The title of a periodical, which appears on the cover of the magazine and on the first page of the newsletter. It contains the name of the publication and serial information -- date, volume, number. Web: Either the header or some form of advertising spread across the site
An explanatory label for an image, often drawn with a leader line pointing to that image.
Content management system. There are commercial closed source CMS solutions like Vignette and open sourced solutions like Joomla!, Mambo, Wordpress and Drupal.
Cascading Style Sheets, used in the design and delivery of websites
Inserting small amounts of additional leading between lines, paragraphs, and before and after headings in order to equalize the content on a page.
Mechanical validation
Using a web script or offline programming tool to validate web pages and other pieces of software to accessibility and usability standards.
A set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. For more information, go to http://microformats.org
Mambo Open Source, now known as simply Mambo.
Return on investment
A contractual agreement to maintain the structure of a website
The ability for information on a web page to be shared across the Net in a usable, readable format.
A file or group of files with an associated style sheet and all standing and serial elements in place on a master or base page, used for publication following the same design.
Usability is concerned with the ease of use for a particular piece of software through HCI, mechanical object or product. Usability can be expressed in two ways - usability testing: measurement of ease of use of a product or piece of software; and usability engineering: the research and design process that ensures a product with high usability
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 1.0

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