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Published on Tuesday, 24 April 2007
Do you encode your software?

The project work for all templates is provided in an open format, with Flash SWF files being the only proprietary format used in any template delivery.

There might be cases in the future where Absalom Media wishes to protect IP, but that remains dependent on the project specification.

What license is software released under?

Absalom Media retains 3 different licences for different needs:

  • GNU GPL, for free products and ports from other GPL work
  • Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike Attribution, for work that is freely available, whilst requiring payment of a small licencing fee for commercial deployment. Google Ads on the client site qualify as commercial.
  • Commercial, all rights reserved.

Who will own the copyright for software you produce?

Absalom Media will retain copyright on all works in all instances, unless a specific work for hire payment is made.

How much do you charge?

It varies depending on the project, scope and level of detail provided. Projects local to Australia will be quoted in Australian Dollars including GST. All other projects are quoted in US Dollars and require payment in the same.

Do you require a deposit?

Absalom Media's process for delivery of service is 50% down payment on agreement of project specification, and 50% on sign off prior to delivery. Larger projects may have different schedules for progress payments.

How can I make payments?

In Australia, by a cheque drawn on an Australian Bank or by direct bank transfer. International payments can be made by Paypal or telegraphic money transfer.

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