Published on Tuesday, 05 May 2009

Absalom Media provides a unique set of services within the CMS space. We deliver custom extensions, support, auditing and support packages for a wide range of content management packages, both in the open source arena and commercially licenced closed source.


We have developed a unique range of content management addons for various platforms across the open source bazaar. We aim to meet a unique need within the client space: enterprise level, high quality, lightweight solutions.

  • Joomla plugins
  • Silverstripe plugins
  • Concrete5 blocks
  • Mambo / Mia mambots
  • Wordpress plugins


Support options
  1 incident 4 hour 8 hour
  1 incident   1 incident
MiaCMS or Mambo

These support packages mean you have peace of mind as we will deliver a solution online. All it requires of you is to purchase, log in and submit a support request. More packages are coming online soon.


Web accessibility

Absalom Media provides a unique service based on our extensive web accessibility background. We will audit your site, no matter what you've built it with, over an 8 hour period against the worldwide web standards (WCAG and above, not just W3C) and then provide a professional report on your site. Sign up immediately to get peace of mind regarding the build quality of your site.


We also provide a service to understand your users better in process for revision or update of your site and architecture. We will conduct a month long usability audit on your site with double-blind users outside of your current market base, and then report the findings and usability changes required to increase market share.

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Absalom Media seeks to deliver industry best practice website usability and design for your budget.

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