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Published on Saturday, 12 May 2007
Absalom Media provides consultancy to a wide range of businesses across the world in regards to the development and deployment of an online brand. Too often businesses get recommended systems and products that actually contradict the needs and methodology present in the business, due to the reliance on MBA or any other form of titling.

Our process is different. We investigate your business plan, present SWOT analyses in regards to brand direction and development online, and then search for the most appropriate product on the market that will meet your needs with the minimum cost to customise for the launch or relaunch of your brand.

In this way, if your design specification asks for WCAG AAA compliance on content, we will only deal with products we know are capable of such work. Customisation towards accessibility and usability for any content management system is a major project in and of itself, and the last thing you want to do is pay for your vendor to upgrade their product to web standards compliance on your budget.

Our consultation process also evaluates the roles and users within your business, in order to match the technical and usability requirements of your business with an equivalent content management product.

If you wish to discuss a consultancy project between your business and Absalom Media, please use our contact form to inform us of your needs. We will then quote you on the relevant project related costing for your business.

Paying it forward

Information needs to be free in order for it to be useful. In this way, this ideal affects the ethos and politics by Absalom Media works. Part of the nature of Absalom Media as a business is to provide ongoing mentoring and support to up and coming design agencies. In this way, we have been asked to provide speaking engagements in order to train staff for various content management systems as well as having various interviews with numerous groups around the world.

  • An interview with Arthur Konze from Mamboportal/Joomlaportal, 10th February 2004
  • An interview with Stephen Burge from Alledia, 30th April 2007
Works published:
We are available for speaking engagements in the following capacity:
  • Consultancy reports to senior management
  • User training on various CMS products
  • The direction of the web as an expert in accessibility and usability
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